We the people will not accept you as President. We as Americans demand that you step down and concede this position to the duly elected President who won not ...

Petition to Donald Trump
Recall justice John Roberts

johnRobert's is against the constitution and he is a pedophile. He is against the American people

Petition to Amy Coney Barrett
Protect the First and Second Amendment

We need to protect the First and Second Amendments. They are what's keeping this country alive, and the only thing standing between us and tyranny.

Petition to Governor

Thank you for standing up for freedom and liberty! We oppose forced vaccines and vaccine passports. We support those who choose to wear masks and receive vaccines but reject mandatory ...

Petition to Bexar County Election Integrity
Help us Get Rid of Electronic Voting

Does your vote count? Texas Senator, Bob Hall, understand the election process is broken and he's working to convince our state reps we need to get rid of electronic voting. ...

Petition to Patricia Holtke
Expel Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney voted to impeach Donald J. Trump, which was completely unconstitutional given the fact that the conditions for impeachment pertain to a sitting president. Secondly, the grounds ... Donald J Trump is still the President of the United States of America. We the People have had enough. The Federal Government, the States and the several territories have ...

**We, the citizens of South Carolina, petition JAY LUCAS (Speaker of the House) and HARVEY PEELER (President of the Senate) to immediately call the SC House and Senate into session ...