Petition to Justice Thomas

Donald J Trump is the Current President and Commander in Chief

Donald J Trump is the Current President and Commander in Chief
Constitutional Rights in District of Columbia, DC, US
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We the People have had enough. The Federal Government, the States and the several territories have failed to preserve our representative form of government.

As citizens of our great republic, we have an inalienable right to demand redress from our governing bodies.

We the People find that: The November of 2020 election violated Article 1 and Article 2 of the United States Constitution.

When the Governor or Secretary of State modified each state or territory's election law without legislative authority, the election became unlawful and therefore unconstitutional.

The election of both the Legislative and Executive branches, of all states and the several territories was unconstitutional and are therefore void ab initio.

Congress did not have lawful authority to transfer the power from Trump/Pence to Biden/Harris

Congress had no authority to certify the votes of the electoral college.

No state had the authority to certify their federal election.

We demand a new election in all 50 states and the several territories. The election is to be supervised by the military or national/state guard. We demand hand marked paper ballots with manual counting. We do not have any faith in the electronic voting machines and want the inked fingerprints as used in Iraq. Voters must provide evidence of being lawfully able to vote in 1 jurisdiction. Criminal complaints must be filed against any actor that attempts to manipulate our election.

-----We The People

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Letter to
United States Supreme Court , Justice Thomas

Donald J Trump is the Current Seated President


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