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Boycott Colorado Draft Ken Paxton

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Boycott Colorado Draft Ken Paxton

Not since the 1860 has a Presidential Candidate from a major party been kept off the ballot. That President was Abraham Lincoln. Now the rogue state of Colorado wishes to engage in Fraud and Voter Suppression by teaming up with CREW a LEFTIST DC LAWYER GROUP to deny American Citizens their Constitutional right to vote.

42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983 gives rights to average citizens to protect their constitutional rights from the tyranny of the states including the Colorado Supreme Court. Now the state of Colorado with the help of CREW have engaged in a fraud against millions of Americans that are outside of the state of Colorado.

In the fraudulent case Trump was removed from the ballot based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Millions of dollars from average American had to be spent on this fraudulent trial rather than being used on the intended purpose of getting Trump elected. Insurrection is a very specific definition which is the Insurrection Act which was created by the Insurrection Act of 1807. The law is clear in that only the President of the Untied States can declare and Insurrection and at the time of January 6th the President was Donald Trump.

For seven tyrants in black robes to try and invalidate the will of over 74 MILLION AMERICANS is a direct threat to the Republic and the basic bedrock on which it has existed since before 1776. As American we have not only the right but they duty to defend our rights from such legal tyranny using all legal, economic and political means we can. This petition is to call for a Boycott of as many Colorado companies and tourism as we can and to request that our state district attorneys get involved to stop the theft of our votes. Please sign this petition and pass it on to others and help Bud Light Colorado.

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Boycott Colorado Draft Ken Paxton


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