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Thank you for standing up for freedom and liberty!

We oppose forced vaccinations and vaccine passports. We support those who choose to wear masks and receive vaccines but reject mandatory compliance. We desire to stand up against the tyranny of Washington and will start here. We voted so our voice would be heard, and yet our voice has not been heard.

What do we do now? Where do we go from here? How can we make a difference? We spread the word, rally support, and form a united force to stand for freedom in our community, churches, workplace, etc...

We the people are desperate to support and protect our Constitutional Rights and are determined to defend our freedoms, which are under fierce attack.

We stand strong and stand united.

We sign this petition to voice our opposition to forced vaccines and vaccine passports.

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Letter to
Ron Desantis , Governor



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Nichole start this petition
3 years ago

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tommy newell
tommy newell

we do not need a covid passport , that would be infringing on our rights , those who give up freedoms for security deserve neither

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