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Art not Liberal Agenda

Art not Liberal Agenda
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Mount Sterling, Kentucky is wonderful city with small town, family oriented, Christian beliefs and community involvement.  With holiday parades and celebrations, First Friday events, farmers' markets it is a place where families feel welcome and can have fun. Newcomers to the city feel welcomed immediately.  Shop owners, neighbors, churches reach out and treat all with respect and dignity inviting them into the community.  Christian values is at the heart in which Mount Sterling has built this community.  There are multitudes of churches in which many denominations of faithful Christians celebrate and share their faith. Keeping Mount Sterling a city where Christian beliefs stay paramount at times requires keeping destructive agendas from infiltrating.

The Gateway Regional Art Center is a great benefit to our city.  Displaying and focusing our local artists, musicians as well as holding events focused for the cultural education of our children. It is NOT the place to promote and normalize the liberal and  LGBTQ agenda.  We want ART not an AGENDA.  We oppose the GRAC from hosting the CURED Documentary and event.  We ask the sponsors: AA and Mary Page Fund, The City of Mount Sterling, Caswell Prewitt Realty Inc.,CHI Saint Joseph Hospital, Columbia Gas, Community Trust Bak, Gateway Printing and Signs, Kentucky Art Council, Kentucky Utilities, Keystone Financial Group, Montgomery County Schools, Mount Sterling Advocate, Native Twist, Peoples Exchange Bank, Ruth Hunt Candies, Windsor Care and WMST/WKYN to withdraw their support and cancel this event which seeks to indoctrinate a liberal agenda not promote the arts.

April 1, 2021

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Letter to
GRAC President, Melissa King
GRAC Vice President, Crystal Dempsey-Gillum
GRAC Treasurer, Gus Thomas
Secretary, Stephen Clatos
Board Member, Nena Donovan
Board Member, Angela Patrick
Board Member, Brittany Patrick
Board Member, Tracy Pearce
Board Member, Maggie Todd
Mayor of Mount Sterling, Al Botts

Art not Liberal Agenda


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