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As a parent of two children currently attending St Johns county schools, I am a part of a growing movement of parents who are completely baffled by this county’s continued mask mandates on our school children. From breathing issues, allergies, distraction and division, the data absolutely does not support this mandate from our School Board. The divide between those elected officials supposedly representing our children’s best interests, and the parents who are ultimately responsible their physical AND mental well-being, is becoming unmanageable and we will be working hard over the course of the coming months to replace officials who continue to harm our children through unconstitutional and unsupported overreach.

Please sign our petition to have masks mandates removed from St Johns County Schools!

  • 80% of St Johns County senior citizens have been vaccinated as of this writing
  • Nationally, people ages 5-24 years old have a death rate of ~0% and a hospitalization rate of 3%
  • Florida, as state that has been "open" for almost a year, is 6% of the national death rate, which is still below the states with some of the most stringent mask mandates and lock downs
  • St Johns County ranks 35th in the state for deaths, yet still has our kids in masks
  • Our kids have been playing youth sports (maskless) for 6-8 months or more. They knock into each other, fall over each other, and have play dates afterwards… but they cannot “high-five” after a game. Additionally, they attend school on Monday after weekend games and during-week practices, and are forced back into masks in the classrooms.
  • Prom Canceled: Again, sports are on, kids can go to restaurants together, have parties at their homes, etc, but the School Board is canceling their best memories. (FYI - received an email from the Principal at PMHS advising that they are still doing "senior grad day, a senior formal picture event, powder puff football , senior awards along with a formal in person graduation (All following COVID protocols)". However, no prom.
  • • “Breathe No Evil Project” – Really?? The Principal at Pedro Menendez is promoting an NHS project calling people who don’t believe in pushing healthy people into masks “evil”? This is completely inappropriate and parents should be furious (as we are).

These school officials owe us a response, with supporting data, as to why they are continuing to make our kids wear masks up to 8 hours a day. I am tired of the virtue signaling of school officials coming before the health and safety of our kids.

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St Johns County - Say NO to Masks in Schools


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Tiffany Nguyen
Tiffany Nguyen

Thanks Crystal for starting the petition! I am in total shock knowing that parents are not racing to get this signed quickly. This is an abuse to our kids. We need to stand up to the school board! Other parents from other states did it we can do it to, let’s protest!

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