Petition to Patricia Holtke

Expel Mitt Romney

Expel Mitt Romney

Senator Mitt Romney voted to impeach Donald J. Trump, which was completely unconstitutional given the fact that the conditions for impeachment pertain to a sitting president. Secondly, the grounds of impeachment, which are treason, are a completely erroneous charge. President Trump, prior to January 6, 2021, asked for the National Guard to be put in place in Washington D.C. in order to safeguard the Capitol Building and all citizens and buildings in the area where the final decision about the 2020 presidential election were to be held. Now President Trump is being accused of inciting the violence which happened on the 6th. He would not have asked for the National Guard to be present if he had any intention of hoping for harm or destruction to happen on the 6th in D.C.

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Letter to
The People of the United States of America, Patricia Holtke
Supreme Court

Expel Mitt Romney


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