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P.A.C.E. Scholarship (Providing Academic Choice in Education)
Petition to South Carolina Senate

School Choice is already lifting thousands of students across America. Don't you ...

PACE Scholarship 3 supporters
SC Remove Molly Spearman for Unconstitutional Masking of Our Children
Petition to South Carolina General Assembly

Due to some technical difficulties, We had to close the original petition ...

One Republic Society of America 15 supporters
Suffolk County, NY, US
Petiton the East Islip Board of Education to join lawsuit as plaintiffs against NYS Dept of Health against mask mandate!
Petition to Christopher Zachry

Petition the East Islip Board of Education to join the lawsuit against ...

Amanda Ascher 49 supporters
SC Remove Molly Spearman for Unconstitutional Masking of Our Children
Petition to South Carolina Supreme Court

On September 2nd, 2021 South Carolina Supreme Court declared school mask mandates ...

One Republic Society of America 11 supporters
District of Columbia, DC, US
A Defense of Lee monuments and West Point’s Sacred Heritage
Petition to Secretary of the Army

A push to rename a very small portion of West Point and ...

Benjamin Church 18 supporters
Boycott Facebook
Petition to A Smith

Facebook is evil.

Agent Smith 5 supporters
Franklin County, OH, US
Remove the hateful/ harmful label from the National Archives website
Petition to Bradley James

For 245 years we have sworn in all of our Presidents to ...

Bradley James 13 supporters
Demand that SC Legislature Leadership immediately call a Special Session regarding Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate
Petition to Jay Lucas

**We, the citizens of South Carolina, petition JAY LUCAS (Speaker of the ...

Sabrina Wilson 196 supporters
Lumpkin County, GA, US
Stop the Mask Mandate at UNG
Petition to Bonita Jacobs

Recently as we have come back to campus, we came back maskless ...

Orien Keith Roy 214 supporters
Say NO to Bill Gates’ Nuclear Power Plant in Wyoming
Petition to Mark Gordon

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon on June 2 announced that a next-generation nuclear ...

Brian Braham 15 supporters
Boycott Mandatory Vaccination in Philippines
Petition to James

To: Malls, Restaurants, Businesses, Establishments, Government If your company or LGU supports ...

James Frans 211 supporters
Maricopa County, AZ, US
Let Our Children Breathe – Repeal the Mask Mandate for the Scottsdale Unified School District
Petition to Jann-Michael Greenburg

The Scottsdale Unified School District sent out communications that "Beginning this Friday, ...

April Hill 41 supporters