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School Choice enables parents to have more say in their children’s education
Petition to Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama's education program is at an all-time low with the state ranked ...

Sheila Banister 7 supporters
Drop Vaccine Mandates for Students!
Petition to Success Academy Charter Schools

Dear Success Academy Charter Schools, We are parents, students, and community members at ...

Zuleika Espiritusanto 27 supporters
Protect Our Kids From Obscene Drag Queens in Libraries!
Petition to The Citrus Board of County Commissioners

Our community strongly objects to our Public Libraries and our taxpayer dollars ...

Rohini DeSilva, Esq 27 supporters 1
Lynz Piper-Loomis for SC US House District 1
Petition to President Donald J Trump

We have a sitting Congresswoman who has multiple times duped her constituents ...

kim dipasquale 6 supporters
Marin County, CA, US
Unseat Jeremy Portje NOW
Petition to Jessica Collins

We, the undersigned residents of Novato, are demanding the removal of Jeremy ...

Julie Zeller 11 supporters
STOP SKSD from Violating Parent’s and Voter’s 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech/Assembly and WA State Open Public Meeting Act
Petition to Directors Berg

We the Parents, Voters and Tax Payers of South Kitsap School District ...

John Cameron 20 supporters 1
Petition to Senate to impeach Joe Biden
Petition to Ted Cruz

Joe Biden is currently displaying actions and behaviors that are consistent with ...

Travis Michael O'Neil 79 supporters 2
Boulder County, CO, US
Save Boulder Police jobs from mandates
Petition to Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde

Long- term Boulder police officers in the City of Boulder are being ...

Wade Lowe 7 supporters 1
Fremont County, CO, US
Parent/Personal CHOICE- NO to Mask Mandates
Petition to Fremont County Public Health

Please sign this petition if you are NOT willing to be forced ...

Toni Pierce 14 supporters
Yamhill County, OR, US
Support the 4 conservative members of the Newberg School Board who seek to protect education
Petition to David Brown

Whereas four conservative, pro-parent, pro-real education school board members have stood up ...

Jeffrey R Kubler 5 supporters
Escambia County, FL, US
Protect the Rights and Jobs of Sacred Heart Employees Who Decline COVID Vaccinations
Petition to Thomas Van Osdol

Dear Leaders or Chief Officers of the Sacred Heart Health System: We would ...

Elizabeth Daniels 52 supporters
Calgary, AB, CA
Remove Premier Jason Kenney Now!
Petition to UCP Membership

Whereas: * Jason Kenney promised that LOCKDOWNS, which violate freedom of assembly, ...

Rob Anders 481 supporters 4