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Tell Disney to stop funding abortion!

Tell Disney to stop funding abortion!
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Millions of people throughout the USA and across the globe adore the fun-loving, action-packed, spectacular movies and franchises of the Walt Disney Company. Every day, thousands upon thousands of people flock to the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to cherish the experience of a lifetime. Disney makes millions from die-hard fans showing their love... the expense of thousands of deaths.

In the past, Disney has funded Planned Parenthood, the creation of the incredibly racist Margaret Sanger (see more here, here, and here) who hated blacks and created the organization to wipe them out. From Abort73:

"Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, Inc. was one of 38 recipients of Walt Disney World's annual Helping Kids Shine Grant on March 28. Chosen from over 200 entries, the PPGO Empowerment Grant will develop a peer education program for young women culminating with a summit on the importance of positive decision making. In a news release, Walt Disney World chose to support "community organizations that demonstrate such a deep dedication to improving the lives of children in Central Florida." PPGO received a $18,500 Disney grant in 2004 for our Teen Resource Center, and is the only Planned Parenthood in the country recognized by Walt Disney World.

"This year's $20,000 grant will give PPGO much needed seed money for our student to student education program and underscores PPGO's importance as a voice for adolescents in our community."

This (above quote) was from a post in 2006 on Abort73.

Since then, Disney has threatened to end production in places like Georgia, USA (also here) that wanted to pass anti-abortion bills (while simultaneously having no problem filming in places with literal concentration camps of persecution of Muslims AS WELL AS places that throw women in prison for getting an abortion...). They also donate to charities and organizations like Susan G. Komen via employee charity-matching programs, which in turn donate directly to Planned Parenthood. As far as the matching program guidelines go, Disney lists - on its OWN DOCUMENT- that eligible charities do not discriminate against minorities and do not engage in controversial activities (and abortion is clearly both (especially Planned Parenthood)).

Here is more information if you're interested: Disney matched up to $53000 to Planned Parenthood In 2020, Disney donated $2 million to the NAACP with the goal of advancing social justice in response to the death of George Floyd (also here). However, the NAACP supports abortion. Disney has also been a long-time supporter of organizations that promote equality and support the LGBTQ+ community, including the HRC, among others. The HRC takes a firm stance for abortion. On the flip side, Disney also donated $1 million to the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA) (see the official document here) in celebration of Marvel's Black Panther. The BGCA actively supports, partners with, and donates to pro-life causes. However, this does not negate the fact that Disney donated, and still donates, to pro-abortion organizations. The net effect is still dead babies.

All this goes to show that not only is Disney willing to fund and support the killing of the very children they claim to serve with their entertainment, they do not even know their own stance on the subject of abortion. And considering that Disney is a strong supporter of Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+, and the like, are they not being hypocritical by killing the very kinds of children they claim to support?

Not to mention that from Disney's point of view, they are losing millions of dollars from all of those potential customers they helped abort that otherwise would have given them money to see their movies, go to their parks, and more.

And they're losing even more from the hundreds of thousands of living people (at LEAST) who would have happily given them service if their ethics weren't so messed up. Children are crying and dreams are crushed because families of many different religions and conservative values cannot give their children what they deserve and dream - all because Disney won't stop killing innocent minorities, customers, and other lives (or, if you prefer, potential innocent lives).

If you love Disney but are hesitant to support them because of their dubious ethics, then this is your chance to help change that. Send Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney Company, a message, that he can't destroy the very people he claims his company serves; that the man Walt Disney would not approve (to put it lightly) of the killing of children by a children's company. Just sign this petition, and we'll send him a letter telling him how many customers he's losing, and that what he's doing is not OK, and how many people want this corruption to end.

Want to experience the Magic of Disney again? Then let's get this done.

You can also check out the petition here.

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Letter to
CEO of Walt Disney Company, Robert Chapek

Tell Disney to stop funding abortion!


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