Petition to Ad-Hoc "Book" Committee

Glenbard D87 Request to Remove Obscene Material from High School Libraries

Glenbard D87 Request to Remove Obscene Material from High School Libraries
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Dear Glenbard D87 Parents and Community,

This petition has been created in response to discovering books that are inappropriate for children in ALL our Glenbard D87 Libraries. These books have been in the media: Gender Queer, All Boys Aren't Blue, This Book is Gay and Flamer.

After parents and community filled out “Request for Reconsideration of Library Resource Center Materials” form 6:230-E1 and met with each school Principal and Librarian, the D87 BOE has decided to create an Ad-Hoc Committee to help with the decision to remove books “Gender Queer and All Boys Aren’t Blue.” This petition will be submitted to the Ad-Hoc Committee by 4:00pm Friday, February 24, 2023 to request these books be removed from ALL Glenbard D87 Libraries.

Members of the Glenbard community may share their thoughts with the committee by emailing [email protected]. Any emails received by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2023 will be shared with the committee. This is an important step as the D87 BOE President DeLarosa said in an interview with the Daily Herald that the board has not heard from many parents about these books. To watch video interview, click on the following link:

To view concerned parents and community public comments from the Nov. 14, 2022 BOE Meeting, click on the following link: (WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT)

To view images and excerpts of the books in question, click on the following links: (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

These books violate many obscene material policies as described below:

  1. The book photos and/or excerpts cannot be on school premises because it violates policy 7:310 which prohibits students from creating, distributing or accessing any publication that is obscene, pornographic or pervasively lewd and vulgar, or contains indecent and vulgar language.
  2. The book photos and/or excerpts cannot be advertised or distributed because it violates policy 8.25 which prohibits advertising or distribution of obscene, vulgar and indecent material.
  3. The book photos and/or excerpts cannot be accessed on the school iPads because it violates policy 9:10 which prohibits the transmission, access or creation of material that is sexually graphic, explicit, or obscene.
  4. The book photos and/or excerpts cannot be posted to district web pages because it violates policy 9:10 AP3 which prohibits material that is obscene, profane or sexually oriented to be posted on district web pages.
  5. The book photos and/or excerpts violate the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) which District 87 uses to block district-issued iPad user access to visual depictions of material that is obscene, pornographic, or otherwise harmful to minors while using the District's network.

The Glenbard Principals disagree that these books violate policy. If you have looked and read the excerpts and seen the images, you will be asking yourself how they can justify these books remain in the libraries.

Most of us find this unacceptable as we know porn and obscene material when we see it or read it, and do NOT want to pollute our childrens minds with this filth.

Please share this petition with every parent with children in the Glenbard system and your neighbors, as well as voice your opinion at the Board of Education Meetings. For board calendar and agendas, click on the following link:

Board of Education Elections will take place April 04, 2023. Let us vote all school board members out who think this material is appropriate to have in our schools.

Contact information for the Glenbard Principals, Librarians, Board of Education and Superintendent is below if you would like to send them an email with your concerns:

East Principal: [email protected] East Librarian: [email protected] West Principal: [email protected] West Librarian: [email protected] South Principal: [email protected] South Librarian: [email protected] North Principal: [email protected] North Librarian: [email protected]

Glenbard D87 BOE: [email protected] Superintendent: [email protected]

Thank you.

February 20, 2023

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Letter to
Glenbard D87, Ad-Hoc "Book" Committee
Superintendent, Dave Larson
D87 Glenbard, BOE

Glenbard D87 Request to Remove Obscene Material from High School Libraries


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