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Protect Camp Verde’s Children

Protect Camp Verde’s Children
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June 1ST, 2023, the Camp Verde Community Library revealed their “Read with Pride” display in the front library (bottom floor, must be passed to access children’s library) lobby and posted the display, along with up close photos of included books, to their Instagram account. The post didn’t make it to Facebook, although historically, every other Instagram post seemed to post to the library’s Facebook account simultaneously. Upon inspecting the books included in the display (after noticing there were children’s books directly next to books of adult topics) it was discovered that the display also included children’s books about sex, porn, gender ideology, transgender indoctrination, puberty blockers, sexual mutilation, digital sexual expression (aka “sexting”) and more. Further investigation revealed that there are dozens of books similar in content that were not included in the display but exist within the library, including the children's library. Despite a vast outreach to the library and town management to remove the display and remove the children’s books, each were simply moved from their original location of the display.

We, the undersigned, demand that there permanently be no promotional displays in our Camp Verde public library of materials, symbols, flags, or slogans, especially designed for underage children, regarding sexual orientation, gender orientation, or that promote deviant sex, castration, or any other bodily mutation. We, the undersigned, demand that any LGBTQ or any sexually oriented content be removed from the children’s library section and separated into an adult section that requires parental supervision to view and check out.

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Town Of Camp Verde

Protect Camp Verde's Children


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Danielle Church start this petition
10 months ago



There wouldn’t be a removal of the books right? They’d just be sectioned in a different space? I’m anti-censorship, but can understand placing in a different space than near children’s books I guess.

Dalis Townsend

To my knowledge that’s what this is for. There should be separate section for these types of books that kids need adult permission to get to. Not banning them all together!

Mike Ligon
Mike Ligon

Stop forcing sexual perversions down our throats. Stop assuming a right you don’t have. Keep your personal perversions and psychosis to yourselves and within the walls of your own home. Libraries are tax payer supported facilities and you don’t have the statutory nor moral authority to decide such acts of illegal sexual perversion be forced on our children. Fire the librarians who approved this psychosis!

Dennis Swift
Dennis Swift

Where is the Camp Verde Library Endowment on this…

Dennis Swift
Dennis Swift

It is a tad distressing to see a fraction of the signatures needed so far. And even more concerning reading some of the comments in other social media columns in support of the push inappropriate information on youth. I understand the concern for censorship, and, would that defense hold the same weight if the cartels put books in the youth section describing the benefits of fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, etc., “it will expand your mind and the angst of being 12 years old in this crazy world will go away…” From what I have seen and heard from the onslaught of “progressive ideals” creeping into this small town anything goes.


dang… only 219 supporters?

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221 Supporters
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