Petition to Sandra Barefoot-Reid

Support for Angela Allen, Goochland County School Board Member

Support for Angela Allen, Goochland County School Board Member

*"As a Goochland School Board member, effectively representing your interests is my duty. This week I learned that GCPS students are allowed to use restrooms different from their biological gender. Is this our community’s expectation?" Angela Allen, District 2

Prior to Mrs. Allen being elected to the board in November, the policy was adopted in July of 2021 by members of the current board.

Goochland County Public School Board member, Angela Allen, utilizing her 1st Amendment right, took to social media on her Representatives page to inform constituents, along with the community, by asking the above question in an effort to be transparent regarding decisions enacted by the Board. A “firestorm”, created by a small group of her opponents, was created and has called for Mrs. Allen to be disciplined.

At the most recent School Board meeting, held Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, detractor's of Mrs Allen, with their accusations of bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, bullying, hate and some who equated her post to the egregious days of segregation, were in the minority. Her supporters clearly outnumbered those seeking retribution and publicly spoke up concerning the safety and privacy for ALL students.

WHY THE PETITION? Those in the minority are still seeking retribution by accusing Mrs. Allen of breaking the Code of Ethics and want her censured (a formal, public, group condemnation of an individual), removed as Vice Chair and stripped from her committee assignments. It is believed the Board will take up this matter at the next School Board Meeting in March.**

LET THE MAJORITY BE HEARD. Please sign the following petition IN SUPPORT of Angela Allen.

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Goochland County School Board, Sandra Barefoot-Reid

Support for Angela Allen, Goochland County School Board Member


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