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Stop Funding Adult Entertainment for Children in Kelowna

Stop Funding Adult Entertainment for Children in Kelowna
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The former Kelowna city council and mayor have been supporting or have not voiced their opposition to Drag Queen story time at the Kelowna Library which will again occur on Saturday January 28, 2023 at 11:00am and last Canada Day some hosted a Drag Queen event at the Canada Day family celebration.

Drag Queen Events/Adult Entertainment is not appropriate for young children regardless of the claim to be age appropriate. Drag Queens and Strippers are not appropriate role models for young children who tend to idolize any live entertainer that they meet. Children after meeting these performers may want to follow them on Facebook/Instagram and some of the photos and videos posted by these entertainers are not appropriate as they contain sexual content.

Failure to protect our children as a community leads to early sexualization of children which has been shown to result in sexual abuse, unwanted teen pregnancies, prostitution and drug abuse.

I as a citizen of the city of Kelowna and an eligible voter ask our city of Kelowna Mayor and council to STOP supporting or funding/promoting these adult entertainment shows with our tax dollars.

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Letter to
Mayor/Councillor, Kelowna City Council

Stop Funding Drag Queen Events/Adult Entertainment for Children in Kelowna


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