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We the People Demand that Mr. Joe Biden step down and Concede to the Legitimate Presidential Winner
Petition to We the People

We the people will not accept you as President. We as Americans ...

Wethe People 87 supporters
Petition to Niki North

Dear Mr. Joe Biden, The Constitution of the United States is very ...

Wethe People 4 supporters
Lexington, VA, US
Tucker Carlson should replace Rush Limbaugh
Petition to Mr. Tucker Carlson

Rush Limbaugh was the leading conservative voice for American Patriots. He was ...

James Cook 5 supporters
Dallas County, TX, US
The Resignation of Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax
Petition to Eric Johnson

We demand the immediate resignation of Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax for ...

Keep Dallas Safe 4 supporters
The Pursuit of a Just and Honest Election
Petition to Arizona State Legislature

Petition to the State Legislatures of the Battleground States Regarding the Presidential ...

Jack R. Graham 18 supporters
Tennesseans for Joining the Texas Lawsuit Against PA, GA, MI, WI
Petition to Herbert H. Slatery III

We, the undersigned eligible voters of the State of Tennessee, are imploring ...

David Anderson 58 supporters
PETITION: 100,000 Signatures to Take The View Off The Air and Fire Whoopi Goldberg
Petition to Channing Dungey

The mainstream media embraces the worst kind of people. If the Left ...

Conservative Change 100,6K supporters
Sherwood No. 159, SK, CA
Support Counseling Choice in Regina
Petition to Regina Council

On August 11, the Regina City Council will be voting for the ...

All Things 242 supporters
Pickens County, SC, US
Stop Unlawful Covid Testing of Clemson Students
Petition to A.G. Wilson

Clemson University is requiring all students to be tested for Covid every ...

Clarisse McClellan 31 supporters
STOP THE STEAL: Joe Biden is Not My President — 80 Million Patriots Stand with President Trump!
Petition to Supreme Court

There is massive evidence that President Trump is the winner of the ...

Conservative Change 1,1K supporters
Stop the Steal
Petition to Tricia Holder

There is massive evidence that President Trump is the winner of the ...

Patricia Holtke 70 supporters
Lumpkin County, GA, US
Stop the Mask Mandate at UNG
Petition to Bonita Jacobs

Recently as we have come back to campus, we came back maskless ...

Orien Keith Roy 182 supporters