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Tucker Carlson should replace Rush Limbaugh

Tucker Carlson should replace Rush Limbaugh
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Rush Limbaugh was the leading conservative voice for American Patriots. He was vocal and he analyzed the issues threatening our freedoms while simplifying them to the most basic of critical levels. He would communicate using humor and brilliance. Although his stand-ins were accomplished at the microphone, they would reduce their analysis to noise and complaints. We need someone who can bring the "aha!" back. We need another VOICE in the wilderness that does not join the noise to raise our BP while giving us nothing new in our arguments.

There is another person who can thoroughly analyze an issue while sifting through the mega-bull feces, and do so in a way that we find ourselves yelling at the TV/Radio in agreement. An individual who leaves us in our thinking that produces more critical thought. We need someone who can call out the problems while giving us insight beyond what we typically discern. That person is Tucker Carlson.

Tucker's voice is already proven. His research is already established. His insights are already Conservative. If he can do radio, he will continue a legacy and create his own brand of a conservative voice that defends faith and freedom.

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Fox News, Mr. Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson to replace Rush Limbaugh


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