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The Pursuit of Election Integrity & Holding the Corrupt Accountable

The Pursuit of Election Integrity & Holding the Corrupt Accountable
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Dear Patriot,

What's more important for the future of this country? Pursuing criminal charges against Joe Biden or pursuing an investigation into election fraud and integrity. One would think it's common sense, but unfortunately, many in congress aren't equipped with that. We're all aware that Joe is a puppet who allows his handlers to control him and our country. What could be accomplished by pursuing Joe? Let's hypothetically say they impeach him for his crimes (even though we know that won't happen under ANY circumstance). Will that change voters' minds? Probably not. More importantly, there are grounds to believe that the 2020 Presidential election and recent midterms were influenced by outside factors.

Swing states like Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia & Nevada have led many to believe our last two elections were compromised. The evidence is there. The question becomes, why haven't we investigated these irregularities!? Why haven't we investigated these bizarre election practices?! Now that we control the House, the constitution grants us investigative powers. The House has chosen to investigate a puppet rather than seek answers to something much bigger. The future of this country relies on fair and balanced elections. We can sit here and pursue Joe all we want, yet the root of the problem isn't being dealt with. We control the House of Representatives for only two years. It's either now or never. My hunch tells me if the elections become legit, the republicans will turn both chambers red. What are these politicians afraid of? If these election irregularities aren't addressed, then no matter what we do, they'll always find a way to win and come out on top. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to send a message to our elected officials; Stop wasting your time on nonsense and instead work on returning this country to its days of "democracy." The democracy that our founding fathers envisioned it to be. It starts by focusing the resources of congress on the issue that will positively change this country's trajectory. Holding those involved in election crimes accountable (sending them off to prison) will undoubtedly send a strong message and prevent future elections from being compromised. Corrupt elections equate to a one-party dictatorship. Please sign this Petition, and let's send a unified message to congress and the country! Please share this Petition with your family, friends, and through your social media platforms. God bless you and the United States of America!

Thank you!

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The Pursuit of Election Integrity & Holding the Corrupt Accountable


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