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Unseat Jeremy Portje NOW

Unseat Jeremy Portje NOW
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We, the undersigned residents of Novato, are demanding the removal of Jeremy Portje, Vice-Chair of the Novato Police Advisory Review Board (PARB), as well as fellow board member, Megan Brizzolara.

"Portje was arrested on suspicion of obstructing an executive officer, a felony, and misdemeanor battery on a police officer with injury and misdemeanor battery on a police officer," according to the Marin Independent Journal. The incident took place in Sausalito during a confrontation over the illegal construction of a building on Sausalito City property.

While it is unclear at this time whether Mr. Portje will be charged or convicted, the photo and videotape of Mr. Portje resisting arrest is evidence of his blatant anti-police bias.

Ms. Brizzolara has made it patently clear by her comments on local social media concerning this incident that she is also biased against law enforcement. She has gone so far as to post a petition calling for the dismissal of the Sausalito officers involved.

Novato can and must do better than Mr. Portje and Ms. Brizzolara. Novato will always support our esteemed men and women in Blue. The undersigned feel that individuals who have no respect for our law enforcement officers have no place on the PARB.

December 11, 2021

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Letter to
Novato Police Advisory Review Board, Jessica Collins

Unseat Jeremy Portje NOW


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