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Dear Mr. Joe Biden,

The Constitution of the United States is very specific about what is to happen in a legitimate election addressing both fraud and inauguration of a duly elected President by the People. Every elected President since the inception of this great country has followed it. You, Mr. Biden have not.

It has become blatantly obvious that your inauguration was at a different time than the one mandated by the Constitution and that fraud on your part has ran rampant on every aspect of the November 4th election.

The MSM has claimed repeatedly that this election wasn’t rigged. Yet, the list has become so infinite that at every turn there’s something that is questionable and proof is mounting. Proof can be found in the purposeful errors of the Dominion machines, the perfect algorithm that occurs in the voting tallies at the exact same time to bring in votes for you alone, the massive amount of unfolded never used ballots that show up in hundreds of thousands giving you a lead, etc. The list doesn’t stop here and could fill many, many pages. The amount of practices used to brazenly steal this election is monumental and you know it. Everyone knows it. It was a stolen election that you orchestrated.

You have forcibly placed yourself into the Highest Office in the Land, in the world, and you have not earned this honor. Too many questions are being asked about the election frauds that occurred and the many thousands of people who witnessed them coming forward putting their lives and livelihoods at risk just for doing so. Not every legal vote was counted; many illegal votes were counted. The evidence is there and it is growing day by day. This has been purposefully ignored and even mocked by the Democrats in hopes that it will go away and you can continue to pretend that you are where you are legitimately. You know you are not.

It would have been an easy feat to allow recounts, to get a real tallies of the votes of the people. You’ve not investigated the claims. The votes that caused you to insert yourself into your position were not real votes, but rather fake, unlawful votes. You have chosen to not listen to the will of the people. You know this.

A very high percentage of the people believe that you were not elected and that this election was stolen by you. Our election process is sacred and holds our country together based on the belief that it is fair and honest. We as a country understand this and go to great lengths to encourage honest elections in other countries. We ask for the same honest, transparent elections in this country. The very future of our country depends on a legitimate, duly elected President being in the highest office in the land and we as a county cannot continue to exist without this being so.

We the people will not accept you as President. We as Americans demand that you step down and concede this position to the duly elected President who won not only the popular vote, but the electoral votes as well; a fact that can be proven.

We demand this to happen, immediately.

Very Sincerely,

The American People

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