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Yoli Trosper Yoli Trosper · Pima County, AZ, US


We the People of Southern Az, along side our family and friends, from around this beautiful nation; stand against Illegal immigration and crimes against humanity. Illegal immigration is more than the needy looking for a better life. It is sex crimes, transnational gang activity, violence, murder, drug trafficking and more. It causes emotional distress, physical & life altering experiences as well as damage of private property. Illegal immigration is human trafficking and it can affect anyone not just the migrant. “90% of illicit drugs come from Mexico. 25% have been found to be laced with Fentanyl.” -DEA. Seizures of fentanyl have increased by more than 200% - CBP These issues have grown rapidly over the years. Our children are being put at risk.
Our way of life is being threatened. Per the Constitution; The Federal Government has the responsibility to provide “Common defense”. Article One, Section Eight: Grants power to Congress to provide common defense ... and to set forth rules of capture on land and water. Finding and providing solutions to the issues that lead others to this nation is crucial for the future. Knowing who’s migrating into our communities is Vital, Today. We The People ask the sitting President and Congress to act based on the Constitution; to deter human and drug trafficking.

• To stand against the crimes that flourish through illegal immigration, by setting policies that work. • To provide information and resources for our youth, their schools and their families about the risks of drug use. Because what we are doing is not working.

If you agree that this, the greatest nation in the world can do better; Please sign and share this petition. Thank you.

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