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Congressional Oversight and Investigation Into the J6 Committee and Treatment of Unconvicted Defendants

Congressional Oversight and Investigation Into the J6 Committee and Treatment of Unconvicted Defendants

It has come to the attention of We the People of the United States, your electors, that the mismanagement of the January 6th committee hearings have upended Justice itself against the citizens of our nation and exposed the weaponization of a Federal Justice System that now has the potential to reshape this country into something unrecognizable. 

The offenses and violations of law committed by the January 6th committee and their conspirators are as follows: 

We find the body itself of the January 6th Committee to be entirely unconstitutional. We do not abide by the sleight of hand tricks utilized by the Democrat Party, or more specifically Nancy Pelosi, in selecting ONLY extremist advocates on her own behalf to an investigative body. In rejecting Republican appointees to the committee, we find the entire committee’s authority to be partisan, and therefore, null and void. 

We also find that Mrs. Pelosi’s cherry picking of witnesses to be a further weaponization against her fellow citizens, and not only do we rebuke this as a blatant miscarriage of Justice, but we also find it to bear a personal grudge we simply do not understand. 

We find the news of the J6 Committee’s refusal to hand over 1000’s of pages of witness testimony to the DOJ on any sensible timeline to be an embarrassing decision for our elected governing bodies. All Defense Counsel and Prosecutors should have had access to potential Brady Discovery prior to any televised hearing at the expense of these trials. We rebuke the very notion that the January 6th Committee finds itself to be above the law of the land, and to be toying so openly with the American Legal System for personal gain. 

We find the open disinformation campaign waged by the committee to be another egregious offense against the American people. The committee’s heavy reliance on one-sentence video clips of prominent defendants, inability to produce full documents to the public during nationally televised hearings, and the inclusion of confirmed hearsay on the congressional floor is an embarrassment to the United States of America itself. We find that the partisanship displayed by the committee results in a catastrophic failure of Justice; with no cross-examination of any witness called to testify the committee may have even laid the groundwork for allowing witnesses to commit perjury on the stand, with no accountability to be held for the pre-programming of potential jurors all across the United States. All of this done while the committee chose to withhold 1000’s of pages of witness testimony for trials that have not yet made it to a DC Courtroom. 

We find that a conglomeration of these blatant offenses to have contributed to a deliberate demonization of American Citizens, who have been denied due process at every twist and turn. The J6 Committee has been diligent in ensuring that no J6 defendant is granted any presumption of innocence prior to trial, instead choosing to actively deploy their media allies to secure the guilt of these defendants in the eyes of the American people. They have even utilized the FBI to this agenda, as many exonerating FBI reports have been buried and hidden from view of Grand Juries in order to secure the indictments needed to justify this campaign against everyday citizens of the United States of America. 

This mismanagement of information has resulted in citizens: 

1.  Losing their livelihoods
2.  Losing their homes
3.  Excessive and unjustifiable Pre-Trial confinement
4.  Inability to secure proper legal counsel
5.  In some cases, such as the tragic loss of Matthew Perna, loss of life due to the overwhelming task of proving one’s innocence against a hostile legal system
6.  Missing holidays, birthdays, milestones with spouses, the birth of their children, losing pets, parental custodial rights, and more. 
7.  Due to a lack of Congressional investigation or oversight, it has come to the attention of the American People that there is little to no attention given to the inexcusable conditions of these Unconvicted Americans. Some of the conditions these Americans have endured include:
    a.  Unnecessary COVID Quarantines
    b.  Unnecessary transfers all over the United States known as “Diesel Therapy”
    c.  Absurd Judicial double-standards applied on bail for J6 Defendants
    d.  Deliberate attempts to keep Defendants from speaking to their legal counsel, either due to unnecessary transportation or excessive COVID quarantines upon arrival in new facilities, tying up the court systems in hearings and motions to correct these issues and further prolonging trials, incarcerations, and stalling the clock on all defendants’ constitutional rights to a speedy trial. 

We petition the Republican Legislative Assembly of the United States as follows:

To appoint a Republican Majority-led commission, just like Pelosi’s- in the name of fairness - that is prepared to investigate the following: 

1.  The Members of the J6 Committee themselves and their own involvement with January 6th
2.  Their Investigative Methods into their investigation of January 6th
3.  Their Witnesses
4.  The 14000 hours of CCTV footage that has been kept from Public View
5.  A review of the Warrants, Subpoenas, and Grand Jury Evidence used to Indict American Citizens
6.  A look into figures such as Ray Epps and his involvement with the FBI as it relates to January 6th

We petition that this body be prepared to take their findings to the American people with a televised hearing that affords balance and accountability of the J6 Committee, in the name of fairness and Justice, to ensure no one part in the United States of America is allowed to drown out the other’s voice. We are a constitutional Representative Republic. Every American has the right to have their story heard. 

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Congressional Oversight and Investigation Into the J6 Committee and Treatment of Unconvicted Defendants


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Our Country is at risk! Please Act!
Our Country is at risk! Please Act!

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