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IN THEIR ATTEMPTS TO DECEIVE THE NATION WHILE PUNISHING POLITICAL OPPOSITION- The J6 Committee Hearings have made it all but impossible to choose an impartial jury pool.  The Public nature of these hearings being aired on virtually all news networks has potentially tainted any possible juror in all 50 states.  Therefore, it will be impossible for the J6ers to receive a fair trial.   • J6 defendants have been held for almost two years, without being charged with a crime or indicted for a crime.   No bail has been set.  J6 prisoners are held in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day making it almost impossible for the defendants to meet with their attorneys. 

Many of the J6 defendants have reported excessive force and abuse by the prison guards.  One prisoner was severely beaten by correctional officers, and was permanently blinded in one of his eyes because of a detached retina. He also sustained a skull fracture in the attack by guards. Other reports of defendants placed in the hole for over a month freezing and half starved and many others threatened and subjected to mental torture.

An egregious false narrative has descended on our Nation. Trickery, deception and the abuse of power are being employed to falsely accuse many people as well as pressure Judges to persecute with extreme prejudice. J6 defendants are detained, held illegally and denied their constitutional rights. Yes, this is actually happening and confirmed with facts, documents, evidence and witnesses to prove it all.

The J6 committee is trying to ensure no one receives a fair trail and no one gets bail while spewing false and incorrect information to deceive the masses against innocent people. They are abusing and perverting laws to harshly punish supporters of Trump as a message to all conservatives that laws will be ignored to seriously hurt conservatives at any cost. Their directive to end Trump once and for all overrides any law.

This egregious effort has hurt and destroyed many innocent people who have been falsely accused and taken from their families and treated like terrorists. Many are being emotionally tortured with fear tactics of life in prison if they do not plead guilty and they are being denied basic human rights refusing them hygiene and denied necessary medical help and aid.

We have had a whole year to relentlessly research, investigate and interview witnesses. We have mountains of evidence, docs, facts, eye witness accounts, interviews, videos, text messages, emails and we can prove that this J6 lynch mob committee is fraudulent and liable in their deceptive, divisive and destructive campaign against the conservative Americans. Please, join us in this fight against a corrupt brood who believe that no law and NOT EVEN GOD HIMSELF CAN TOUCH THEM. Let's show them just how wrong they are!

PETITION: To have all charges dropped due the enormity of violations of J6 defendant's constitutional rights and denial of due process as well as being unconstitutionally imprisoned acknoweldging the impossibility of a fair trial due to the J6 lynch mob committee's public hearings. In Addition we are demanding equal time to Televised Hearings as a counter to the egregious and hostile campaign of guilt publicized over the Nation by the J6 partisan committee:

We urge the Republican Legislative Assembly of the United States to appoint now** a Republican Majority-led commission to present from the American people a year of investigative reporting of evidence, witnesses, text, videos that will prove contrary to the J6 committees narrative showing that they have misled and lied to the American People.

We will show the FBI’s role and involvement in the weeks prior to Jan 6 and the event of that day. We will be examining the 14000 hours of CCTV footage that has been kept from public view, review the Warrants, Subpoenas, and Grand Jury Evidence used to Indict American Citizens and spotlight our investigations of players such as Ray Epps and John Sullivan and their involvement with the FBI and Pentagon and DC judges as it relates to January 6 events of that day.

We will present all evidence, documents, witnesses, videos, texts to counteract the false narratives of the J6 committee and show they have corruptly engineered a political persecution to weaponize the powers of state against conservative Americans.

We urge this body to afford access to the American people, a televised hearing that affords balance and accountability, in the name of fairness and Justice. Innocent people are being subjected to trials by ambush deleting the presumption of their innocence. We demand that you be instrumental in the fight for their release noting their illegal detainment without due process.

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Judy Nordean start this petition
2 years ago


Jen Loh
Jen Loh

We need a hearing to counter the Jan 6 select committee! They’ve already had many commit purgery under oath!

Helena Gibson
Helena Gibson


Jim Brady
Jim Brady

Where were you on January 6th?
You are so ignorant.

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