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Stop the Mask Mandate at UNG

Stop the Mask Mandate at UNG
Education in Lumpkin County, GA, US
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Recently as we have come back to campus, we came back maskless and free! last week the Faculty had their first protest to bring back mask mandates on campus before the the University System of Georgia board of regents met to make a decision. This week there is a group effort organized by a member of the Matthew Boedy, UNG Gainesville professor, and president of Georgia's American Association of University Professors chapter. Matthew stated in an interview USAToday article "said the ultimate goal is an immediate mask mandate at all state schools. Faculty also want more control to move classes online as COVID case counts rise." He also said "A mask mandate could be done immediately and make an immediate impact". As of Monday our University's chapters of Turning Point USA and College Republicans teamed up to protest overreach from the professors. The Turning Point USA at UNG's president said "I believe it should be up to the students to decide if they wanted to wear a mask. Not imposed upon them by some edict from the administration". This is where you come in Please sign this petition so that we maybe free to choose how we progress in our own lives and education.

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University President, Bonita Jacobs

Stop the Mask Mandate at UNG


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