Petition to South Carolina General Assembly

SC Remove Molly Spearman for Unconstitutional Masking of Our Children

SC Remove Molly Spearman for Unconstitutional Masking of Our Children
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Due to some technical difficulties, We had to close the original petition and start a new and improved petition!! We the Parents of South Carolina have lost confidence in the Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman to perform and/or fulfill the duties of her office. Some of these duties are as follows… Supervise and manage all public school funds provided by the State and Federal Governments. Organize, staff and administer the State Department of Education, including all divisions and departments necessary to provide the maximum service to public education in the State. Keep the public informed as to the problems and needs of the public schools by maintaining contact with all school administrators and teachers, by holding public meetings, and by providing information to state media organizations. Print and distribute bulletins, manuals, and circulars necessary for the professional improvement of teachers, the cultivation of public sentiment for public education, and all forms necessary for the administration of the State Department of Education. Administer, through the State Department of Education, all policies and procedures adopted by the State Board of Education. Assume any other responsibilities and duties prescribed by law or assigned by the State Board of Education. These duties are in place to assure that the children of South Carolina are provided with an adequate education without violating or limiting their rights and the rights of the parents while maintaining a safe and secure environment. Instead school boards across the state have chosen increased funding and expanded budgets by forcing our children to wear masks that hinders proper breathing, exposes them to germs that are naturally exhaled, and takes away their individuality. Furthermore these School Boards placed themselves above the law by ignoring a ruling by the South Carolina Supreme Court on September 2nd, 2021 that declared school mask mandates unconstitutional! The Superintendent and the Department of Education did nothing while School principles and staff used resource officers to shield themselves from a blatant violation of the law! This hypocrisy continued until a federal judge from a federal court ruled that South Carolina schools have authority over our children to require them to wear a mask which actually limits the rights of meaning to accommodate a few. Immediately after the Federal judge's ruling, many school boards reversed their policies enforcing these mandates which conveniently re-established their eligibility to receive State funds to go along with the federal funds for following CDC guidelines! These funds will line the pockets of influential officials and indoctrinate our children and grandchildren with socialist ideals, a sense of entitlement, no accountability for their actions, and a hatred of America that will cause them to accept tyranny with open arms. We the people of South Carolina, in accordance with our State Constitution that clearly states that all political power is vested in and derived from the people only, therefore, they have the right at all times to modify their form of government, do hereby demand the removal of Molly Spearman from the office of Superintendent of Education and replaced with a qualified individual that will place our children above greed and fear.

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Letter to
South Carolina General Assembly
Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster

SC Remove Molly Spearman for Unconstitutional Masking of Our Children


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