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We fervently believe that the November 3rd election was irredeemably compromised by deceitful and fraudulent actions that have rendered it impossible to determine the expressed will of the citizens of the State of Georgia. Since we hold this uncompromising conviction, it would be disingenuous of us to place our supreme confidence in the very voting system that inflicted this egregious harm. To cast our votes at our usual polling locations using the same hardware, software and mail-in ballots that resulted in this harm violates the most basic premise of sound reason and common sense.

As such, we declare that our vote is our most sacred right as Americans. We do not desire to surrender the United States Senate to a socialist party; however, we are in the most profound battle for our freedoms since the American Revolution, and withholding our vote is the most extreme measure available in our arsenal.

If the two Republican Senatorial candidates refuse to defend our constitutional right to a free and fair election, then they do not deserve the office to which they aspire. If the November 3rd election was purposefully and strategically manipulated by enemies of the Republic, and no remedy from our government is offered, then our government representatives must be removed.

The days of choosing between the lesser of two evils in an election is no longer acceptable to the American people and the residents of the State of Georgia. If our representatives refuse to fight for our country, then perhaps we must show them and the sleeping electorate the result of their cowardess. We would rather fight a known, shared enemy than to elect a disguised enemy of our own free will to our ultimate destruction. We cannot defeat the enemy by becoming like him.


We, the people of the state of Georgia and citizens of the United States of America, sincerely believe that our constitutional right to free and fair elections has been destroyed by the use of Dominion voting products, mail-in voting and the willful disregard of our rights by the leaders of our Georgia state government. We are convinced by substantial proof that the Dominion vote tabulating system, mail-in ballots and the acts of our government led to fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election. As such, we are required by our conscience and duty as Americans to act upon this severe attack on our liberty as follows:

We, the legally registered voters of the state of GEORGIA, will no longer allow our votes to be recorded or processed in any way by mail-in voting or by Dominion Voting software or hardware, its assigns or subsidiaries. If these machines or software or mail-in ballots are being used, we will


in the upcoming January 2021 Senatorial race and all other elections until all use of Dominion voting products in the state of Georgia ceases.

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Letter to
State of Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp



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