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Ole Miss Silences Conservative Professor

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Ole Miss Silences Conservative Professor
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After a series of false accusations and fabricated evidence, Professor Mark Burson from The University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism has been deemed a “racist” and essentially “canceled” by an unnamed group comprised of students, faculty, and the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Regulatory Compliance. After failing to conduct an open investigation, the School of Journalism has removed Professor Burson’s Spring 2022 Graduate courses. On Monday, October 11th at 4 p.m., Burson received an email from the Director of EORC, Kimberly Devries, requesting his presence for “not an investigation, but a conversation” after receiving “students’ reports that the phrase ‘China Virus’ was used in class to refer to Covid.” During this conversation, Devries informed Burson that there is nothing inaccurate in the alleged phrase “China Virus” or “China Flu.” Using these phrases breaks no existing University policy. However, according to the University, both are considered to be racial slurs. When Burson requested evidence of these claims, he was told the only documentation received was a supposed Blackboard Quiz from his IMC 551 class that contained the phrase “China Virus.” The issue with this is that Burson has never used Blackboard to quiz students in any of his classes. This “evidence” is completely fabricated. Since this “conversation”, Burson has been removed from the roster for all Spring 2022 Graduate classes. His instruction for undergraduate courses has yet to be determined. Aside from his instruction within the School of Journalism, Burson is also the faculty advisor for Turning Point U.S.A.’s chapter on campus. Turning Point U.S.A. is a nonpartisan, nonprofit political group that’s mission is to educate and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. These claims of “racism” placed on Burson’s name took place less than a week after the organization hosted conservative speaker and PragerU “influencer”, Will Witt. Members of Turning Point at Ole Miss deem the timing of these events as more than coincidental. Professor Burson feels as though he is faced with losing his good reputation and his livelihood. Students are banding together to prove that the claims made hold no validity and that Burson’s name must be restored.

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Letter to
President of Turning Point U.S.A. at Ole Miss, Jodi Hallum

Ole Miss Silences Conservative Professor


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