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Impeach Governor Jim Justice

Becky Becky · US

Impeach Governor Jim Justice

We the people of West Virginia are calling for the impeachment of Governor Jim Justice.


Violating our Constitutional rights. Completely ignoring due process and constitutionally mandated legislation.

Based on inaccurate and unsubstantiated Covid 19 testing data (admission from the World Health Organization (WHO) that testing cycles were inflated), with disregard for documented compelling decrease in death rate data. Intentionally and blatantly, without any regard for small businesses, unilaterally implemented, without due process and based on unfounded Covid 19 “infection rate” data, closure of vitally important foot traffic, dine-in services and schools.

With disregard for compelling medical research data, unilaterally mandated the wearing of face masks, which have also not been proven to stop the “spread” of Covid 19 but causes an adverse negative effect on West Virginia public health. And notwithstanding uses government pressure forcing small businesses to impose the unfounded “mandates” upon their patrons.

Consistently pushing an Emergency Use Authorized injection onto the citizens of West Virginia without providing sufficient information for possible side effects and/or adverse reactions; in addition to withholding information regarding possible alternative treatments that have been proven to work if administered early at the time of diagnosis in order for the good citizens to make informed decisions for themselves. Instead, General Hoyer, Dr. Clay Marsh and Governor Jim Justice repeatedly claim it to be safe and effective when, in reality, there’s no possible way for them to know the safety or effectiveness considering final studies will not be completed until approximately 2023; therefore, those receiving the experimental injections are the test subjects of these experimental injections.

We the people, tax paying citizens of West Virginia, do not consent to Governor Justice recklessly offering extensive monetary incentives for residents to get vaccinated in order to compete with other states while utilizing West Virginia tax payer dollars. West Virginia ranks low in education, economy, income, opportunities; etc. therefore, our tax dollars could be better spent in these areas as well as fixing our roads, helping our homeless veterans, fixing and/or re-building our run-down cities.

Mr. Justice, you do NOT own West Virginia, we the residents do. You work for us and from day one, we do not and have not supported or subscribed to your draconian-style so-called leadership, trampling our rights as citizens.

Therefore: Our intention is, through the impeachment process, to remove you from office and take our state back.

Therefore: We call on elected state and local officials to support our request to implement and orchestrate the impeachment of Governor Jim Justice.

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WV Senate, Randy Smith
WV Senate, Dave Sypolt
WV Senate, Mike Azinger
WV Senate President, Craig Blair
WV House Representative, Joe Statler
WV House Speaker, Roger Hanshaw

Impeach Governor Jim Justice


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