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A call to END ALL Covid-19 mandates and restrictions worldwide.
Petition to Michelle

This petition serves as notice to all government officials that 'We the ...

31 supporters 1
A Declaration of Restoration
Petition to Dr Joseph Warren

The United States government has conducted the greatest crime in world history ...

Dr Joseph Warren 1,8K supporters 10
District of Columbia, DC, US
A Defense of Lee monuments and West Point’s Sacred Heritage
Petition to Secretary of the Army

A push to rename a very small portion of West Point and ...

Benjamin Church 24 supporters 1
Petition to Niki North

Dear Mr. Joe Biden, The Constitution of the United States is very ...

Wethe People 4 supporters
America Needs a True Patriot at the DOJ to Prosecute Election Crime
Petition to AG Barr

The Department of Justice has appointed Robert Heberle, an Obama era hatchet ...

michael david 100 supporters 2
Montgomery County, KY, US
Art not Liberal Agenda
Petition to Melissa King

Mount Sterling, Kentucky is wonderful city with small town, family oriented, Christian ...

Roseanne Ackermann 4 supporters
Ask U.S. Congress to decertify the Electoral College on Jan 6, 2021. Let the U.S. House cast their ballots for U.S. President
Petition to U.S. Senate

From: Don Brown Patriot, Author, Attorney North Carolina and South Carolina **U.S. CITIZENS TAKING A ...

Don Brown 27 supporters
Bahrain: Stop Mandatory Face Masks in Schools
Petition to Dr. Manaf Al Qahtani

Bahrain: Stop Mandatory Face Masks in Schools Mandatory face coverings should be ...

Parent Bahrain 72 supporters
Black Lives Matter is a Terrorist Organization
Petition to Helen N Rogers

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a decentralized political and social movement advocating ...

Helen Rogers 63 supporters 1
Boycott Facebook
Petition to A Smith

Facebook is evil.

Agent Smith 6 supporters 1
Boycott Mandatory Vaccination in Philippines
Petition to James

To: Malls, Restaurants, Businesses, Establishments, Government If your company or LGU supports ...

James Frans 211 supporters 3