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School Choice Funding

School Choice Funding
Education in TX, US
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Texas Minority Coalition authorities this petition to all Texas elected officials to give parents more options in our children's education. School Choice is already lifting thousands of students across America. Here's a list of the reasons why School Choice is beneficial.

  1. School Choice is good for student safety.
  2. School Choice can given students an education tailored toward each individual need.
  3. School Choice provide more options for low-income families.
  4. School Choice puts competitive pressure on public schools.
  5. School Choice makes schools more accountable.

If you agree that School Choice empowers students and parents, please sign our petition to create better education opportunities to students by giving parents the option to choose from private, public, charter or home school options for their children education through tax credit or funding each household without government restrain or intrusion.

November 12, 2020

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Vice President , Texas Minority Coalition

School Choice Funding


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