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Protect Our Kids From Obscene Drag Queens in Libraries!

Protect Our Kids From Obscene Drag Queens in Libraries!
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Our community strongly objects to our Public Libraries and our taxpayer dollars being used by powerful, wealthy, minority LGBTQ +MAP to promote to minors, obscene viewpoints and behaviors which are already prohibited by Chapter 847, Section 0133 (1) of the Florida Statutes.

In LGBTQ+MAP, the “Q” stands for “Questioning,” where homosexuals induce/coerce an innocent and unsuspecting child into becoming a “T” which stands for “Transgender.” They promote the castration of boys, the masculinization of girls, and the use of puberty blockers, powerful hormones extremely harmful to children. Little girls are bullied by school psychologists into ‘accepting” males with intact genitals in their bathrooms; into using the “preferred” pronouns; and into hiding this information from their parents; thus beginning the process of separating and isolating our vulnerable children from their parents, to make it easier to indoctrinate them. In Loudon County, VA., the school district instituted a “transgender bathroom policy,” after hiding the rape and sodomy of a little girl in the school bathroom by a boy who identified as “non-binary.” When the upset father complained, he was told he “raised his voice” and humiliated, beaten and arrested! He was a lowly plumber, so the school didn’t think it mattered that his daughter was raped. The rapist was set free and went on to rape again!

MAP stands for “Minor Attracted Persons” which promotes the normalization of Pederasty and Pedophilia, with adult “educators” using their age and power to psychologically overpower and groom children into being raped by billionaire perverts; exactly as was disclosed in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. All devastates young and impressionable minds, this causes total gender confusion, and psychologically damages our children.

The LGBTQ+MAP agenda started with a call by “nice gays” for “tolerance.” They used the slogan: “It’s all about Love. It’s none of your business what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms. We are doing no harm.” This has now metastasized into them being totally intolerant of ‘straight’ Christians, while invading the privacy of our little girls in their bathrooms and doing massive harm to our kids! Unlike Christians, who instantly denounce Christians who abuse children; “nice gays” promote it! They show tremendous spite and malice towards us, call us bigots & homophobes, mock our religious beliefs, ridicule our concern for our children, dox and ‘cancel’ us and try to get us fired, demand unconstitutional preferential treatment for themselves, and use their billionaire sponsors to blacklist us from all social media and have their political sponsors, the President and his Attorney General, use the nation’s FBI to hunt parents down as “Domestic Terrorists.”

Even our toddlers and kindergarteners are being taught about oral, anal and vaginal sex. They use books that contain obscene, explicit drawings of genitals showing kids how to put on a condom, and how to have sex:-“It’s Perfectly Normal,” extols all kinds of sex. “I am Jazz,” discusses a 3-year-old who “always knew” she was a boy and converted into a transgender. This stuff has nothing to do with “Love.” And nothing to do with “Education” of our children. They are simply grooming and preparing our children to be an assembly line of sex slaves for perverted billionaire adults.

On Jan 4thm, the BOCC did let 33 speakers represent the overflow crowd. The County Attorney finally confirmed the five members of the BOCC have the ultimate power to set policy for the Public Library. But only two Commissioners, Chairman Ronald Kitchen & Scott Carnahan voted to prohibit the offending LGBTQ+MAP displays in the future.. The other three refused. Essentially, we are supposed to hand over our children for them to abuse… And then stay silent….

But we will NOT stay silent. We are a family-oriented community where “We Put Our Kids First!” It is written: “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea; than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2 We request that the BOCC protect our Children by passing the following resolution:

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, “There shall be no display or other promotion by the Public Libraries of materials that encourage their patrons, especially underage children, to question their gender identity; or promote deviant sex with little children, or promote castration or bodily mutilation; and Public Libraries shall not have private gatherings of Drag Queens or any other art, from which the general public and the parents are excluded” http://)http://)

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The Citrus Board of County Commissioners

Protect Our Kids From Obscene Drag Queens in Libraries!


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Frank Lovell
Frank Lovell

Just do the right thing.

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