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Support Counseling Choice in Regina

Support Counseling Choice in Regina
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On August 11, the Regina City Council will be voting for the final time on a “conversion therapy” bylaw. Though we all oppose harmful, coerced counseling, the proposed bylaw is very extreme. Rather than banning just harmful counseling the law discriminates against the LGBTQ community by banning counseling simply to reduce unwanted sexual behaviour, even if someone is not trying to change their orientation. Heterosexual Canadians would face no such obstacle under the by-law. It would also prevent parents from bringing their child to get counseling to reduce such unwanted behaviour, even if the child wants that support.

As Councilor Landon Mohl said on his Facebook page, "The definition used [in the by-law] is a political rather than a medical definition of conversion therapy... It's not the same definition used by the Canadian Psychological Association...or any medical group in Canada or the US. The wording currently in this bylaw limits fundamental parental rights and also limits the ability to counsel people who are seeking help with unwanted sexual thoughts, feelings and desires. It has the potential to make private conversations criminal. This bylaw limits diversity and takes away freedom of speech, religion and expression."

This bylaw applies to all companies in Regina, which according to the definition of the by-law, would include churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious institutions. It implies that a five-year-old can determine their sex or gender identity without their parents’ guidance. There's no age restriction to the ban.

If you are opposed to this bylaw please sign this petition and we will present this petition on behalf of the people of Regina to City Council before their final vote.

July 31, 2021

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Support Counseling Choice in Regina


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Lilly duncan
Lilly duncan

I am opposed to this by-law.

Lin M Huggett
Lin M Huggett

I vehemently oppose this by-law.

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