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Make masks optional this school year

Make masks optional this school year
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Well I've been censored and removed my previous petition due to the fact that it didn't go with the narrative and I violated some sort of community guidelines.

I do have over 100 signatures saved from that petition but I'm starting this one hoping to get the 135 that we originally had or more by this meeting Wednesday

Once again, let me stress, we are not asking for masks to be abolished we are simply asking that we keep our parental freedoms to make choices for our own children and have mask's optional for the school year.

 This petition is to remind everybody that once again the politicians and CDC are trying to make decisions for our children.

  Less than 350 kids have died due to covid this entire time in a sub population of 75 million people  And here they are again saying that we have to muzzle up our children presumably to protect the adults.

     These masks are criminal for kids to wear. WE  Are their parents, WE  Are supposed to protect them,  To reassure him that the boogie man doesn't exist,  That there are no monsters under the bed,  Yet here we are frightening them believing that they are being stalked by an invisible grim reaper in the air

Masks can scar them psychologically and some younger ones developmentally. How are children supposed to develop social skills when they can't see another's face, Sit together or play together?

 Their basic rights are being violated.

  Masks are a breeding ground for infections from mold, bacteria, and fungi.

     On July 28th 2021 JB pritzker stated he will NOT mandate masks for this coming school Rather he is leaving that decision to the local school boards.

      Please take the 2 minutes to resign this petition. I will save it throughout the days up until the meeting Wednesday. we were at  135 we can do better than that.I hope to see everyone there.

August 2, 2021

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Make masks optional this school year


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