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Stop Unlawful Covid Testing of Clemson Students

Stop Unlawful Covid Testing of Clemson Students
Health in Pickens County, SC, US
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Clemson University is requiring all students to be tested for Covid every 7 days. This mandate is contrary South Carolina's authorization for VOLUNTARY testing outlined in EO 2021-23, section 7: ...." Any and all such testing shall be conducted pursuant to the terms of the standing order issued by the Director of Public Health, with the requisite prior consent, and in a manner that is consistent with applicable law. To facilitate the foregoing initiative, I hereby direct DHEC to develop and distribute a standardized form to memorialize and CONFIRM THAT PRIOR CONSENT FOR VOLUNTARY TESTING is obtained from any participant or participant’s parent, guardian, legal custodian, foster-care provider, or other representative authorized to provide consent, as applicable, in a manner that is consistent with state and federal law"

In addition to this testing running contrary to the Governors' EO, Clemson University is using tests that were developed at the university (so-called LDTs). These tests are not FDA approved! What level of review have they undergone to justify their use on our students for the purpose of declaring them sick? We know that the widely available rapid antigen tests used all of last year failed to meet the standards for full FDA approval due in part to low accuracy in asymptomatic cases (EUA to expire at the end of the year). The fact that Clemson is using its own test with no oversight or approval process is egregious! These tests can only be described as experimental in nature. My students have not agreed to be part of Clemson's experiment. What are they doing with the data? Are they maintaining a database with our students DNA? This is unconscionable on many levels and must end.

Routine testing of healthy students (and with an unauthorized test) can not be a requirement to attend CU. CU must obtain consent to perform any and all COVID testing going forward.

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Letter to
South Carolina State Attorney General, A.G. Wilson
Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster

Stop Unlawful Covid Testing of Clemson Students


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