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Keep Masks OPTIONAL NEVER REQUIRED in Hollis-Brookline Schools

Keep Masks OPTIONAL NEVER REQUIRED in Hollis-Brookline Schools
Health in Hillsborough County, NH, US
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I've started this petition in an effort to help advocate on our children's behalf. In the initial response to Covid -19, masks and social distancing were implemented. Seeing as there were many unknowns early on, majority complied without many questions. However, what started as 14 days to flatten the curve, has turned into over a year of social distancing, mask wearing and limited social activities with no end in sight. With each passing day, there is still no science to back up the claims of mask effectiveness against Covid -19. What we do know is ... -There is NO STATUTORY LAW that mandates masks. Frequent mask wearing : -Is a breeding ground for bacteria -Increases risk of CO2 poisoning -Reduces oxygen intake -Causes increased face touching which subsequently increases the spread of germs from touching of the mask and all other surfaces. *Studies have been published that show children are at very low risk of spreading and contracting covid-19 from one another. In addition to the fact that there is no scientific evidence or studies that can confirm the effectiveness of these masks, our children deserve to breathe fresh air, which is vital for immune health. Their mental, emotional and social well-being is being impeded on every day they are forced to wear these face coverings. Please join me in signing this petition to ask Hollis -Brookline school board and Superintendent to Keep masks OPTIONAL AND NEVER REQUIRED in our public schools for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year! Let them be optional and the child's choice to wear or not to wear. Our children deserve better! OUR CHILDREN OUR CHOICE!

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Superintendent of schools, Andrew Corey

Keep Masks OPTIONAL NEVER REQUIRED in Hollis-Brookline Schools


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Eric Morin start this petition
3 years ago


Heather Niebel
Heather Niebel

masks should be optional, this is unfair and not necessary for our children…

Susan Romito
Susan Romito

There is a school board meeting tomorrow 8/11 at 6pm held at the upper elementary school.

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