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Save Boulder Police jobs from mandates

Save Boulder Police jobs from mandates
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Long- term Boulder police officers in the City of Boulder are being threatened with termination due to the vaccine mandate. During this time of unrest and critical incidents like the King Soopers shooting, we need to have the most experienced and qualified officers available. Many of these officers are both tenured and are highly decorated. We are asking the City of Boulder to reconsider the current vaccine mandate. If you live, work, shop or travel through the City of Boulder we are asking for you to sign this petition and help keep officers and their collective knowledge working to protect the public.

November 30, 2021

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Letter to
City of Boulder Manager, Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde
I am respectful asking that you reconsider your current policy on Covid vaccine mandates for the Boulder Police department. I am concerned that not allowing for exemptions and/or testing compromise. The City of Boulder will lose some of their most well trained and experienced officers. This loss will be a detriment to public safety.



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Wade Lowe start this petition
2 years ago

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Angela Walker
Angela Walker

Let Border Police do their job with out mandates

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