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Remove Premier Jason Kenney Now!

Remove Premier Jason Kenney Now!
Politics in Calgary, AB, CA
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  • Jason Kenney promised that LOCKDOWNS, which violate freedom of assembly, were over
  • Jason Kenny broke his word on VACCINE PASSPORTS which viiolate freedom of ASSOCIATION
  • Jason Kenney's MANDATORY MASKS and SOCIAL DISTANCING violate freedom of religion
  • The hypocrisy of Jason Kenney's actions while fining others has eroded his authority to govern.

Therefore, we residents of CANADA call for Jason Kenney to be REMOVED as premier of Alberta.

To sign this petition in PERSON, please attend the Calgary Freedom Rallies every Saturday at 1:00 PM and stop by the Calgary Street Church Tent.

Two weeks to flatten the curve, followed by two years to flatten the MIDDLE Class in Alberta. Enough is enough. Time for REAL Leadership.

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Remove Premier Jason Kenney Now!


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Rob Oswin start this petition
3 weeks ago

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Rob Oswin
Rob Oswin

They are coming after our CHILDREN! Enough is ENOUGH!

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78 Supporters
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