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Protect Waco Children From Drag Queen Shows

Protect Waco Children From Drag Queen Shows
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Our community strongly objects to our public spaces being used to promote sexually provocative behavior to minors and obscene viewpoints using sexualized "grooming" exhibitions like drag shows which are never appropriate in public places or other areas where children might be present. We need to understand that the real agenda behind targeting minors with these "drag queen shows" is the practice of "grooming" them to be desensitized to criminal sexual abuse by adult pedophiles.

It’s illegal for children to patronize strip clubs, and we don’t allow them to hang around adult movie stores. So why would we allow our children to attend sexualized drag exhibitions in places like public parks or community libraries or anywhere else in our city?

This is why we, the people of Waco, Texas, are petitioning our Mayor Dillon Meek and the Waco City Council to pass an ordinance stipulating that all drag shows or events featuring drag performers must be for persons 18 years and older only. No one under the age of 18 shall be permitted to attend, even in the company of their parent or guardian.

Background: Waco Pride Network organizes and promotes a public, outdoor event called "Out on The Brazos" featuring a sexually suggestive agenda with drag performers, an LGBTQ dance contest and costume contest, and an "education tent" with a drag queen story hour, a "parenting seminar", sexually transmitted infection info (open to children courtesy of Planned Parenthood) and a "faith panel". They are specifically targeting our children by advertising these as "family friendly" events.

The most recent event was on Saturday, October 8th in Cameron Park. There, onstage in the heart of the public park and in front of an audience with many children, a drag performer named "Harlotte Hussy" danced in a provacative stripper style in leather short-shorts, fishnet hose and high heels while grabbing his crotch - much of which was captured on video. This happened not just once, but with multiple performers throughout the event. More info on what took place at this event can be seen at this link.

Our community strongly objects to our public spaces being used by powerful, wealthy, minority LGBTQ +MAP to promote obscene viewpoints and behaviors to minors.

In LGBTQ+MAP, the “Q” stands for “Questioning,” where homosexuals induce/coerce an innocent and unsuspecting child into becoming a “T” which stands for “Transgender.” They promote the castration of boys, the masculinization of girls, and the use of puberty blockers, powerful hormones extremely harmful to children. Little girls are bullied by school psychologists into ‘accepting” males with intact genitals in their bathrooms; into using the “preferred” pronouns; and into hiding this information from their parents; thus beginning the process of separating and isolating our vulnerable children from their parents, to make it easier to indoctrinate them. In Loudon County, VA., the school district instituted a “transgender bathroom policy,” after hiding the rape and sodomy of a little girl in the school bathroom by a boy who identified as “non-binary.” When the upset father complained, he was told he “raised his voice” and was humiliated, beaten and arrested! He was a lowly plumber, so the school didn’t think it mattered that his daughter was raped. The rapist was set free and went on to rape again!

MAP stands for “Minor Attracted Persons” which promotes the normalization of Pederasty and Pedophilia, with adult “educators” using their age and power to psychologically overpower and groom children into being raped by billionaire perverts; exactly as was disclosed in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. This devastates young and impressionable minds, causing total gender confusion, and psychologically damages our children.

The LGBTQ+MAP agenda started with a call by “nice gays” for “tolerance.” They used the slogan: “It’s all about Love. It’s none of your business what we do in the privacy of our bedrooms. We are doing no harm.” This has now metastasized into them being totally intolerant of ‘straight’ citizens who don't want their children groomed in the homosexual agenda, while invading the privacy of our little girls in their bathrooms and doing massive harm to our kids! Unlike most citizens, who instantly denounce others who abuse children; “nice gays” promote it! They show tremendous spite and malice towards us, call us bigots & homophobes, mock our religious beliefs, ridicule our concern for our children, dox and ‘cancel’ us and try to get us fired, demand unconstitutional preferential treatment for themselves, and use their billionaire sponsors to blacklist us from all social media and have their political sponsors, the President and his Attorney General, use the nation’s FBI to hunt parents down as “Domestic Terrorists.”

Even our toddlers and kindergarteners are being taught about oral, anal and vaginal sex. They use books that contain obscene, explicit drawings of genitals showing kids how to put on a condom, and how to have sex:-“It’s Perfectly Normal,” extols all kinds of sex. “I am Jazz,” discusses a 3-year-old who “always knew” she was a boy and converted into a transgender. This stuff has nothing to do with “Love.” And nothing to do with “Education” of our children. They are simply grooming and preparing our children to be an assembly line of sex slaves for perverted billionaire adults.

We will NOT stay silent while our children are targeted and abused by these sexual deviants. We are a family-oriented community where “We Put Our Kids First!” It is written: “It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea; than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Luke 17:2

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Letter to
City of Waco Mayor, Dillon Meek

Protect Waco Children From Drag Queen Shows


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Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez

I strongly agree to put an end to this!

Catherine Bradshaw
Catherine Bradshaw

This is absolutely a means of grooming children for pedophilia and should not be endorsed by any elected officials by allowing it to take place on public property.

Elisabeth Naumann-Larios
Elisabeth Naumann-Larios

It is one more way to trap children in gender confusion – Hitler’s philosophy was “
He who owns the youth owns the future”

Wendy Davis
Wendy Davis

Long story – short…At 13 and 14 years if age I began going to the gay bars here in Waco. After 22 years, in a dedicated relationship, my life was change by one encounter with Jesus. Please allow children to be children. Do not allow selfish hunger for sexual, greed or relevant desires be fulfilled by trapping children. Many adults can’t make heads or tails out of these very complicated diversions and mental issue – why do we think children have the capacity to do so?

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