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No Same Sex Couples on Peppa Pig!

No Same Sex Couples on Peppa Pig!
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No, we don't need Same Sex Couples on Peppa Pig, or any kids show for that matter. It by nature is abnormal and unnatural. Kids are educated and taught from an early age on how to be a part of society, to follow social norms and customs, to be respectful but confident, kind but not cowards. The social deviation of the LGBTQ agenda is not natural or normal. "What is normal? Really?" You might ask. Normal is the condition or situation that reflects the majority viewpoint or action. But let's get real here. The purported agenda of the LGBTQ movement is the opposite of natural and biological laws, laws that our Creator has established and that are demonstrated throughout the natural world. God created male and female in the beginning and this is the only way the human race is continued, through a loving marriage relationship of one husband and one wife.

September 8, 2022

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No Same Sex Couples on Peppa Pig!


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