Petition to Bob Ferguson

Impeach Washington State Governor Jay Inslee

Impeach Washington State Governor Jay Inslee
Politics in Thurston County, WA, US
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Governor Jay Inslee has been elected into office and has not done anything for Washington State. We have experienced RIOTS in our streets, the creation of an autonomous zone in Seattle, but he has not publicly done or said anything about leading and providing safety to Washingtonians. Inslee also would like and wants to go through with a state income tax as well. Under Inslee's belt our public schools are not getting funded the way we the tax payers voted and what is being taught isn't what parents and taxpayers want.
Why should we allow a govenor who is not doing anything for our state sit back, and kick his feet up , collecting a paycheck with our tax payer dollars paying his salary when he's afraid to get his feet wet not doing anything. Inslee is taking credit for creating jobs as well when it was by the work of others.

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Letter to
Washington State Attorney General, Bob Ferguson

Impeach Washington State Governor Jay Inslee


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