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P.A.C.E. Scholarship (Providing Academic Choice in Education)

P.A.C.E. Scholarship (Providing Academic Choice in Education)
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All children are different, learn in different ways and excel in different environments. Students may struggle academically simply due to not having concepts presented to them in a way that they can comprehend. Many children require a tailored lesson plan. Allowing them to have a choice would keep the children engaged for the best possible outcome.

A school zone or tuition should not limit a child's opportunity for education. Support P.A.C.E. scholarships to provide academic choice in education for South Carolinians.

P.A.C.E. scholarships allow education funds to follow each child. Parents/Guardians can choose among approved private, public, or charter schools in any district within the state of South Carolina.

Additional services these scholarships can include:

  • Individual classes and extra-curricular activities and programs
  • Nonpublic online learning programs
  • Fees for exam assessments, tuition, and/or preparatory courses
  • Tutoring services (by individual or company)
  • Educational software and applications
  • Educational services and therapies (speech, occupational, etc.)
  • Fees for transportation

Sign this petition to support P.A.C.E. scholarships that will allow South Carolina parents to set the PACE for their children's education.

October 18, 2021

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South Carolina PACE (Providing Academic Choice in Education)


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P.A.C.E. Scholarship (Providing Academic Choice in Education)

Win the educational race with PACE!

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