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Griffin Spalding Board of Education Unmask our Children!

Griffin Spalding Board of Education Unmask our Children!
Constitutional Rights in Spalding County, GA, US
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We are parents, teachers, community, coming together to stop you from violating our children's right to body autonomy. We are demanding you make masks optional. We reserve the right to say no to masks and any other mandates which affect our children's body autonomy. GSCS BOE, Zachary Holmes, Syntel Brown, Sue McDonald, Will Doss and Keith Simmons have betrayed our trust. Many parents asked and received the optional response to masks when deciding to remove their children from GSCS in person education or school system for the 2021-2022 school year. Less than a week into the new school year the BOE and Superintendent decided, without any input from the parents, to mandate masks wearing for our children. We say no mandate, optional only. The science does not support the mandate. We know the covid-19 virus and variants is .125 microns and cloth and paper masks offer no barrier protection, we also know N95 masks filter down to only .3 microns, too large to contain the corona virus, unless wearing a respirator, no masks offer barrier protection against the Covid-19 viral particle.

-There is NO STATUTORY LAW that mandates masks.

Frequent mask wearing : -Is a breeding ground for bacteria -Increases risk of CO2 poisoning - Reduces oxygen intake -Causes increased face touching which subsequently increases the spread of germs from touching of the mask and all other surfaces. Cross contamination is constant with children.

*Studies have been published that show children are at very low risk of spreading and contracting covid-19 from one another. In addition to the fact that there is no scientific evidence or studies that can confirm the effectiveness of these masks, our children deserve to breathe fresh air, which is vital for immune health.

Their mental, emotional and social well-being is being impeded on every day they are forced to wear these face coverings. Please join us in signing this petition to ask Griffin-Spalding School Board and Superintendent to MAKE MASKS OPTIONAL.

Let them be optional and the child's choice to wear or not to wear. Our children deserve better! OUR CHILDREN OUR CHOICE!

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Letter to
GSCS BOE Chairperson District 3, Zachary Holmes
GSCS BOE district 5, Sue Mcdonald
GSCS BOE district 1, Syntel Brown
GSCS BOE district 2, William Doss
GSCS District 4, Barbara Jo Cook

Griffin Spalding Board of Education Unmask our Children!


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